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We partner with like-minded organizations that serve entrepreneurial companies and business leaders whose values align with our own. Explore our successful Partnerships and projects. 

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion & Workforce Development 


Rodgers Leeper partnership was formed in 2006 between Rodgers Builders, Inc. and R.J. Leeper Construction, LLC, bringing together one of the largest woman-owned construction managers in the nation and the largest African American-owned construction manager in North Carolina.   


Our partnership is rooted in diversity with a deep commitment to the culture in the communities where we work and live. Since 2006 Rodgers Leeper has partnered on more than 10 major projects.


Abbreviated Project List

  • Mecklenburg County LUESA Customer Service Center & Office Renovation

  • Mecklenburg County Valerie C. Woodard Center Renovation

  • CPCC – Library and Student Union

  • Mecklenburg County Downtown Library

  • Mecklenburg County Library Support Services

  • Charlotte Rescue Mission

  • Truist/BBT Ballpark

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
and the Charlotte Convention Center Renovation.

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Holder Construction, Edison Foard, and R.J. Leeper have teamed up to manage and execute construction at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and the Charlotte Convention Center Renovation. As a team, we have been building in Charlotte for more than 75+ years.


Holder Construction Company has completed more than $2 billion in CM-at-Risk services in North Carolina during the last 10 years and more than $20 billion in CM-at-Risk services throughout the country during the same period of time.


Edison Foard has been building in Charlotte for 75+ years and has consistently worked at the Charlotte Airport for more than 25 years.


R.J. Leeper Construction is the most established minority firm in Charlotte and is a certified MSBE with the City. R.J. Leeper has a deep understanding of the needs of the community and takes a very proactive approach of inclusion, participation, and workforce development.

Technical, Research, Solutions and Integrations Group (TRS&I)  has over 20 years of experience assisting clients with business research, business capacity evaluation, compliance, disadvantaged, minority, women and small business enterprise development, training, project management, and benchmark studies. TRS&I specializes in organizational efficiency and talent management. TRS&I fosters processes and solutions that empower high performing organizations and personnel.

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logos partners.png

R.J. Leeper Construction is proud to join forces with the team of Rodgers Builders and DPR Construction team. This Trifecta didn’t come together by accident. In fact, the Joint Venture between R.J. Leeper Construction and Rodgers Builders spans projects since 2006 and dating back to 1993 for DPR and Rodgers. This combination of our three organizations is tied together by three common beliefs: Empowerment at all levels, What is right over who is right, and We do not let others fail.


Charlotte Mecklenburg School Program Management

R.J. Leeper Construction has been a part of the Program Management for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools since 1996.  Our team has overseen several school bonds including the 2007 bond worth over $516 Million, 2013 Bond, worth $301 Million and the current school bond, which is over $1.33 Billion.

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