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Pre-Construction Services
Mountain Island Charter School

We value the preconstruction process equally as important as actual construction work performed in the field.  Our teams of estimators, project managers, and field superintendents approach each project with the objective to present to the Owner the best schedule and up-to-date cost saving alternatives.  With decades of experience in the construction industry, our talented staff carefully analyzes various scenarios and potential challenges for each project.  Collaboration with subcontractors is also a vital part of this process.  Therefore, we utilize an extensive pre-qualification process to ensure that the best subcontractors are assigned to the project.

R.J. Leeper Construction, LLC, in collaboration with the Owner and Architect, adapts the project management and general construction procedures during the pre-construction phase.  These procedures serve to ensure the proper gathering of all pertinent information and enhance Leeper’s ability to define project goals and create a project strategy. They include:

  • Design and construction phasing schedules

  • Cost estimates, project budgets and cash flow forecast

  • Value management analysis

  • Team organization

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