A Vision of Quality that Transcends Business


R.J. Leeper Construction is not an ordinary construction company. As it laid its ground work, its founder, president and owner, Ron Leeper, had a deep understanding of the needs of the community.


With his extensive experience and decade of service in public office as a Charlotte City Council member, he developed a keen knowledge of community concerns and needs that have, in turn, translated into enhancing and optimizing the service provided by R.J. Leeper Construction.


In 1990, Hugh McColl, NationsBank Chief Executive Officer, asked Ron Leeper to come by his office to talk. McColl was concerned about the citie's lack of inclusion and asked Ron Leeper if there was anything he felt needed to be done to better the entire city. Ron Leeper expressed concern about the lack of African American participation in the construction industry from the minority community. McColl agreed with Leeper and decided to put together a mentorship deal to teach someone how to manage and operate a contracting firm.


That someone was Leeper. Not intending to be the one offered the mentorship, the discussion centered on someone who was already in the construction industry. McColl wanted someone he had confidence in and he felt Leeper was the best choice. After spending three years with F.N. Thompson learning all phases of the construction industry from construction management to estimating, Leeper felt it was time to go out on his own. R.J. Leeper Construction LLC laid its foundation in 1993 and since then has become one of the outstanding minority contractors in the southeast. Licensed in North and South Carolin; Leeper Construction is proud to have completed over 150 projects as a General Contractor and Construction Manager for a total dollar volume of more than $650 million. R.J. Leeper Construction as a reliable contractor with a record of integrity, customer satisfaction, and excellence.