Construction Management

R.J. Leeper has done $15 million of construction with Construction Management in the last year.  We work together with the owner and architectural firm as a team during the pre-construction and construction phases of work.  Our team provides strong planning, construction expertise, and reliable cost estimates early in the process to lessen the potential for change orders during the project.

'Working with RJ Leeper has been an excellent experience. We both share a corporate culture to “do the right thing.” Each of member of our team shared our knowledge and in turn learned from each other which resulted in a successful project."

Batson Cook Construction

Sonya Dukes, Senior Vice President
Director of Corporate Supplier Diversity

"RJL’s core values and dedication towards community efforts is reflective across every aspect of their business model. One example is the First Street Project. There were several great partners who stepped up and made the inclusion of diverse businesses a priority. To take it one step further, RJL offered an apprentice program to students who were seeking a career in construction management. This approach introduced an opportunity for them to learn through on-the-job training."